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Lend a hand to the different kids
Campaign for widening of daycare center for children with autism spectrum disorders Duga

Ani Andonova - director of Duga center

Hristina Babalova - coordinator for the Lend a hand to the different kids fund raising campaign
e-mail: Hristima mailadress as picture

Design (perhaps web page building) and technical support:

*order the following pictures in the above rectangles (blue declines from left to right)
** mouse or other pointing device is required. Touchscreen can not be used for the puzzle.
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Whoever wants can test also via (or another WhoIs page) and then write via
This hasn't been tested, but should also work the same way. mail box is just to evaluate the spam impact. Please do not send mails to this address. No one will read those mails.

The page is relatively new. The registration date can be seen on every WhoIs page.
If is used (same as HTTP, but with turned on intermediate encryption), then also the SSL certificate's issue date can be checked.
Many of the sub page links are either not active or lead to pages like "Under construction" or "Not yet ready. Please try again later". First the Bulgarian version will be filled with content and updated and then the other languages. At the moment the German version is completely absent and the English and Bulgarian are incomplete.
If you have any remarks or comments about the page layout and also content, please contact the "design and technical support" as described above.

Although we do our best to protect and keep up to date the page, this can not be done in the global network. Page registration took in less than 24 hours (name and hosting) and the for the SSL certificate it took less. Comodo offer also free 90 day test certificates. Using does not guarantee 100% correct representation of the page but mitigates some of the security issues and is recommended. Because of this it is recommended to contact the director of the center and/or the coordinator of the campaign if any doubts arise.

At the moment (15.02.2016) the visibility of the page in the search engines is at the minimum, but we refuse to use not quite appropriate methods. (For example mentioning the word autism more than 200 times in the page source and only 20 times in the visible text for an article that fits the screen. We have to admit, that using temporary the H1 tag for the slogan of the page might be considered one of those bad practices, we wanted to create responsive design web page and one page to be served to lap/desktop, tablet and phone. Slogan row breaks was the easiest way to fill this space with adaptive text. Some page validators advise to put H1 tag or show the absence as error. H1 will be moved to more appropriate segment when the main parts of the page are assembled)

The poor visibility is due to technical errors(author remark -15 years ago internet was something different and I didn't have autistic disorders kid, and wasn't "forced" to develop the page while the little one is asleep. But I'm working on it- fixing the technical page issues one by one.) as well due to the fact that the page is new and there are just few redirects to it (links, likes, tweets and all the other new stuff). We would be glad if you bookmark the page in your browser (Explorer, Opera, Firefox....) and visit us later. The goal is to create useful page and while keeping the focus on the fund raising campaign for Center Duga to offer useful and entertaining content to the readers about the people (mainly children) with autistic spectrum disorders.

Final remarks- the page is not created from the children of the center, but from a parent of one of those kids. The page looks retro not because there are no ready to use platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, and so on, but because writing the page in Notepad has some advantages. And that way, there will be no flying pink unicorns page at the end, although page with pastel colors and some butterflies and flowers might be useful and some of the children will be happy with it. If you have comments or suggestions about the design- please use the above stated mails (first you will have to solve the puzzle ;) )