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Campaign for widening of daycare center for children with autism spectrum disorders Duga

Association Autism was founded in May 2003 by parents of children and young man with authistic spectrum disorders as a nonprofit organization for accomplishment of community services. The aim of the Association is to help young autistic people to develop their potential and grow up as worthy self-dependent persons, well integrated in the society. The main activities of the Association to achieve this goal include opening of centers for social rehabilitation and integration of children and young man with problems from the autism spectrum disorder - organization of daily studies and specialized teaching for the children, as well as trainings for parents, family members, tutors and teachers.

The first Center for social integration and rehabilitation of persons with autistic spectrum problems, guided by Association Autism, was opened in 2007 in Sofia. Many children and young man from the spectrum find help there, and are subjected to intensive therapy for their appropriate adaptation and social integration.

In June 2015, again under the guidance of Association Autism and thanks to the financial support of Sofia’s Municipality, a second daycare center for work with children with autistic spectrum disorders Duga was opened. There, psychologists, speech therapists, and social pedagogues work with 25 children at age from 3 to 8 years. For this short period of time the children show significant progress.

The social service is given free of charge at both places.